Topbuy 6-Piece Plastic Kids Chair Modern Stackable Learning Chairs Blue

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Key Features

● Durable Material and Firm Structure: This comfortable children's chair is made of high-quality PP material, which ensures its durability. The PP material will not crack, fragment or flake off even when used for a long time. Besides being strong, they can also resist fading. After proper care, the bright color will remain unchanged.
● Modern Design and Easy to Use: This children's chairs have bright color and modern shape, which can quickly attract children's attention and can also be used as home decorations. In addition, our chair is lightweight enough for children to move it easily, so it is very convenient to use.
● Good Experience and Safe Assurance: This kid's chairs are ergonomically designed so that kids can sit on the chairs more comfortably. In addition, this chair has good load-bearing performance, which can well bear the weight of the kid and protect the safety of the child. It also has the rounded edge to prevent injury to children.
● Easy to Clean and Storage: Since the surface of the chair is waterproof, you only need to wipe it lightly with a wet towel to remove stains, which is very convenient. In addition, because our chairs are small in size, you can fold them together to ensure your space and being very convenient for storage.
● Beneficial to Kids and Widely Use: This children's chair helps children to form a good sitting posture to contribute to their spine development and preventing myopia. This is very suitable for families, kindergartens, primary schools and all kinds of children's playrooms, which is conducive to the development of children.


Color Blue
Material HDPE
Chair size 14" x 13" x 21" (L x W x H)
6-pack weight 19 lbs
Chair weight capacity 176 lbs
Suitable age 3-8 Years old