FHI HEAT Flirt Envy Blowout Brush

FHI HEAT Flirt Envy Blowout Brush

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What it is:
The Envy Blowout Brush is your new best friend and go-to beauty tool. Don't you wish you could get daily salon-worthy blowouts? Now you can!

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for all hair types.

What it does:
The Blowout Brush effortlessly dries, volumizes, and smooths your hair in one swift step. With an oval shaped and curved edges, it naturally adds body while kicking static and frizz to the curb. The advanced negative ion technology breaks up water particles, shortens drying time, and gives you a frizz-free blowout in minutes. Plus, the brush is packed with high-quality tufted bristles that don't snag. Adjustable airflow and a comfortable grip makes this blowout brush perfect for styling any hair type. It's all packed into one lightweight, powerful tool.

Use the Envy Blowout Brush to give your hair body, waves, volume, or a fresh blowout while delivering enviable shine.

What else you need to know:
• Power light-weight motor
• Customizable air/heat setting for all hair types
• The short barrel makes it ideal for styling both long and short strands
• Negative ion technology reduces drying and styling time
• Ergonomic twist handle for easy styling and setting changes
• 360° airflow cuts drying time in half

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