Pivotal Multi Function Slide Bar Shower Head with H2Okinetic Technology

Pivotal Multi Function Slide Bar Shower Head with H2Okinetic Technology

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The confident slant of the Pivotal™ collection makes it a striking addition to a bathroom’s contemporary geometry for a look that makes a statement. Experience a better shower with the control and flexibility of a Delta® hand shower. Great for showering yourself or your loved ones and pets, as well as for keeping your shower and tub clean. Delta® H2Okinetic® Showers look different because they are different. Using advanced technology, H2Okinetic showers sculpt water into a unique pattern, giving you 3X the coverage of a standard shower head. The end result is a shower that provides more coverage, more warmth and more intensity for a truly drenching shower experience. So go ahead and indulge, because now you can enjoy the feeling of more water without using more water. While other products may gather unsightly mineral build-up over time, Delta soft rubber Touch-Clean® spray holes allow any mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look with no need for soaking or the aid of chemical cleaners. The pause setting gives you ample space for shaving, lathering and other shower tasks, then easily restarts the water with the temperature where you left off. This spray setting helps you conserve water, so you can worry less about depleting your supply of hot water and you help the environment too. Delta WaterSense labelled faucets, showers and toilets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard saving you money without compromising performance.

What's Included?

  • Flexible Hose
  • Slide Bar
  • Shower Arm

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